Monday, September 27, 2010

I Want to Bleed Sufi...

...My words would whirl about me in Dervish fashion

There are these moments, where I feel crazed, drunk and I want take ownership of the title drunkard.  Not drunkard in physical terms, passion pure passion like a red silk blazing in the Sun's heat, flailing about in merciless gusts of the wind, and welcoming the mystery of the night.

I am mad, possessed, its an energy that brews up within me, turning churning and whirling about, wanting to propel itself into action, but where?

And so am I here, writing. It has been one month to the day since I have sought out this space, place, the nameless. The struggling writer that I am, struggling for the words, worthy words for you, and worthy words for myself – foolishness I know, I spend too much time in my head as result, brewing with the energy that desires to create, instead I just think and think myself into a frenzy.

So here I am in a frenzied crazed state, in love, in love with love, and life and creation..everything and nothing

Music moves my soul so, it always has, listen to my latest discovery via Pandora in the musical corner

I have decided to keep it raw, keep this space, true to me. The philosophy, the truth, the lessons will be there, but wrapped within me, all that is me. A fabric of my existence..

Yoga is helping me to tame my mind, channelize its energies, understand my heart, source and quell its insecurities so I don’t react. I don’t want to react, I don’t want to be jealous, I don’t want to harbor hatred. Its like a rotted seed that will eventually turn me completely rotten, I can’t risk it. Love love love….

Breath, Breath, Breath…"I am only breath" as Rumi says, I never understood the mystical context behind what he says in that verse.  Pranna the life force as mentioned in the veda, it is all so very connected.  A grand metaphor that is all that each religion is according to Ms. Gilbert says in Eat Pray Love, epiphanic thought don't you think?  The Hopi Indians hypothesized that each religion or spiritual system was just a thread and if sewn together would create a fabric of one ultimate truth..

Persian art, culture, and history have always fascinated me, there is something so mystical about what was Persia.  The coexistence of such fierce faith and innovation, and not just coexistence immersion of the two, passion for the world in the form of art, dance, music, architecture and beyond this world. It is perhaps through this world they were inspired into the world beyond..

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