Sunday, January 2, 2011

...And the Film reel keeps rolling

Once my mind likes something it plays the movie of that experience over and over, like an addiction.  I become addicted to this idea and can’t seem to let go like an obsession. No matter that I have gone beyond taking pleasure in this idea or memory to somewhere dark, where the thought is almost mechanical..

A chair, a table, and screen.  Sterile walls, the room is empty. A projector sits on table as you sit on a the chair neither uncomfortable or comfortable.  There is no color, just a reel that reels forward projecting images before you onto a screen.  It is dark, the only light is the projector light. All that can be heard is the reel and your own breath.  On this screen you see images, images that have no sequence but somehow are familiar.  You have seen them somewhere else. 

The reel keeps reeling forward, images upon images, some evoke a mood of sadness, some happiness and others nothingness just memories, familiar experiences. It is unknown how much time has passed while in this room or even if there is a concept of time here.  Suddenly the reel has no more film, yet it keeps reeling forward and there is only light projected onto the screen.  This is what life could be if we stopped for a moment…just pure light.

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