Sunday, January 2, 2011

In Transit...

There is something that happens to time when you travel. It sort of becomes irrelevant.  Surreal even, with all the time zones we sort of “float” through from one to the next, existing.  Just breathing for a moment, in transit.  Accepting this state of being…I wish I could accept this to be the accurate state of existence, its in that moment that the truth lies. 

I am chasing after shadows holding onto impermanence like sand; it slips through my fingers leaving dusty remnants of once what was – such is time, a desert with mirages that keep us drudging forward the hope of some new acquisition some new pleasure only to fade, luxurious castles of sand, with one gust of the almighty wind, it is swept away, engulfed into a drifting tide.. part of the story of another dune…impermanent in all its glory and experience…fleeting

And yet we hold on? Because we are seeking permanence we are seeking the truth something to hold on to something to hold on to us lest we drift away and disappear – but disappearance is inevitable….acceptance is what we need to work toward….its what I need to work toward. Acceptance of this state of impermanence in which we currently exist…

But the question is then do we really exist if all we know is impermanence? Changing, temporary, not ours to own to have forever…what is forever? A false promise of time….

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