Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On the Heart

I find that as you give your heart grows. (Okay so its not a discovery I came upon myself – its wisdom that was imparted to me by a wise sage, that I well tried out).  For once your action is not a transfer of energy, not another transaction.  I believe the purest form of the heart is a neutral energy that is actually energized by acting beyond the interests of the finite.  When you recognize that the finite is a false reality, that the finite is in truth not only part of, but in actuality IS the infinite… you feel your heart expand.  Energy can neither be created nor destroyed BUT it can expand!

My heart feels a little gassy tonight…in a good way ;)

Let it roll off your back
     Every frown
     Every angry word
     Every spiteful deed
     Every mean spirited look
     Every hurt
     Every pain
           Caused by you or another
           To yourself or another
Roll off your back

Shake it off
     Like rain drops
     Let them glide downward

No use in holding onto that which is not useful
And when it has rolled off your back
     Absorb it
     Love it
 And take it into your heart

Our hearts are vast strong cavernous places
There’s a lot of room in there ;)

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