Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Road to Spring - Change

Life comes at you in peaks and troughs...I have had one BIG trough with my writing. The confidence seems to come and go. But when I read my works in progress, I have faith. I see things and themes, and phrases and colors in them I never saw before.

My latest regiment has been to be

These are the key characteristics I need to accomplish anything meaningful. I am simply strengthening these weakened mental muscles of mine.

As I declutter my life both internally and externally this is my mantra.  I found that I would create these impossible workout regiments (for that matter, anything I loved, I would make it impossible to accomplish) and with the changes that come with say breathing or living or life's general circumstantial unpredictability my schedule would be upset because I was not agile and therefore I lost focus. You see discipline only took me so these are the 3 things I am zeroing in on at the moment, the building blocks of my self.

I have been writing on and off these past months since May, my last entry. I plan to put together another mosaic so please be on the look out! The fall is here, and I too mimic this seasons remains but all things unecessary or unsustainable whither away, as they should, as is life...the process of moving forward and making way for spring!


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