Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 2 - Flexibility, Acceptance & Perseverance

So I didn't quite make it to Yoga on Saturday. At first I was upset a the realization that my schedule was not going to permit me to allot the 2.5 hours that were needed. Life is about balance and doing justice to our priorities - on saturday it was my best friends engagement meet and greet as well as my startups first charity giveway.  Both are exciting, exhilarating and oh so important!

I made peace with what appeared to be a failure on my part as far as time managment at first, and realized that in order to be successful at any goal you need to be flexible. You need to acknowledge where you are, accept it and progress from there. Life happens and circumstances happen, so long as you keep your eyes on the approaching horizon, you are making directional progress.  Perhaps not the time, day, month or even year in which you would like to get to that horizon, but you will get there. Perseverance is the name of the game.

We set our sights on these ideas and goals, achivements we would like to realize but we forget, the road to get there is often, unpredictable, winding and unknown to us.  It is precisely when venturing into this unknown, that you need to be flexible. Change can be difficult, and if no adjustments are made to the changing environment on your road of change, change can be painful.

Think of the oceans and the waves that bring the tide in and out again - life is meant to be lived with that ease.  Flow on, flow forward and be happy :)

And of course in theory this all makes sense, in practice it is what unlocks higher wisdom; fruits that come from laborious effort.

Love, love, love. <3

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