Thursday, May 10, 2012

There's always a guiding LIGHT!

It's time I exfoliate old habits and declutter this mind of mine. 

Rather than wallow in inability to take definitive action, I want to at least begin a journey that has been calling me time and again.  It is a single life line that has kept me grounded - FAITH.  Extended to me from the unknown, only to lead me back to it.

Starting tomorrow, I will commence a 60 day challenge of yoga practice for 1.5 hours everyday. I need these disciplined practice to do an inner and outter cleanse: Spiritiually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically. I want to work on disciplining my mind, and letting go of patterns of thinking, feeling (and a few pounds) that are no longer useful to me especially at a time that I aspire to be better and rise above.
Day 1 is tomorrow and I can hardly wait. I promise to post each day a new revelation whilst on my road of self discovery. 

:) "who turned the lights on??" 

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