Monday, October 17, 2011

Universal Support & Faith

It’s funny after I wrote the entry about my three key words I intend to focus on, I started to hear them around me, people saying them during the activities I decided to pursue. "Mental discipline" and "Agility" and "Focus", all at various points of the day, the week,  and activity…

“Tina, Focus!” My yoga teacher says, as my gaze waivered during the second repetition of our posture, I knew where to gaze but my mind had just run away with itself…

In a boot camp I am grouped with the instructor and 2 other larger men to pass around a 20lb weight ball which for the petite woman I am, no small a feat…”Agility!” He says…

Another class, another instructor he puts us through the ringer of physical torment “Mental discipline! Its beyond physical” He says….

And each time I smiled knowing I was supported, and am supported so long as I stay dedicated to my cause, my cause being to better myself:)

Somehow, that support comes in moments when you feel like there is no one but you, yourself supporting you, hoisting you up, you are the poll, you are the flag, and the person you hoists the flag up to sway freely in the days wind…thought it is often exhausting as you fight against the grain, the negativity of your mind, the disbelief of others, circumstance. You fight to stay positive to keep your head above the water, gasping for air for fear that you might drown…but drown you will not! These are all the tests on the adventure you have embarked upon toward self discovery…

You must be constant, constant in your faith, your faith in yourself, in the goodness of others, and above all that universe is taking care of you – it always has, and always will


Before you can achieve, before you can "do", before you can walk upon the path to success, you must have conviction, you must have faith that “I CAN”…too often do we succumb to our own negativity and own fears, and more often than that do we not listen to our voice, the voice of reason – our instincts

And in the end, all can be healed the heart, no matter what happens along our little journey :)

When I graduated from Yoga Teacher training, my teacher selected by “chance” the very sutra I chose to present:

Yoga Sutra 1.20: Sraddhaviryasmrtisamadhiprajna purvaka itaresam
“Trough faith, which will give sufficient energy to achieve success against all odds, direction will be maintained”

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